Success with Audio & Video: What is REALLY Holding You Back?

It’s been very interesting to get inside the minds of coaches through a simple survey I did recently – thank you very much if you took part.

If you think about it, everyone does a little coaching now and then – in your business, with your friends, with your family… – so what I’m talking about here, the ‘psychology’ of coaching, probably applies in some way to you too.

What’s interesting is that what I found out with this survey (and in my experience of coaching my own clients) is true for pretty much any other type of ‘solopreneur’ or business…so read on even if you don’t consider yourself a coach of any kind.

It seems many ‘coaches’ believe they don’t have the time or money to invest in simple yet very effective growth strategies for their coaching business.

Yet things like Facebook and YouTube marketing (which are FREE!) can be easily done in 30 minutes a day, a couple of time a week, with tools you already have – no financial investment needed.

Can you do this?


Do you have a really good reason not to?

Probably not!

Aren’t you curious to find out why this is such a problem? Why people don’t even take the FREE and easy option when it is right there under their nose!

Part of this is ‘what is the first step’…but that is not the biggest reason.

The other great insight that came from this survey was how many coaches are ‘not ready’ to do this (Facebook/YouTube video marketing or other simple strategies, like recording a short audio interview to create a product… even daily message posting on Facebook makes a difference)…. or ‘are planning this in a couple of years time’!


These are people who want to make more money…but are not planning on taking these super easy and low cost (or no cost!) action steps for maybe two years!

I really don’t mean this with any judgement…and at the same time I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading!

We are talking about coaches here. People who coach OTHER PEOPLE about making empowering decisions and taking action – NOW!

Quite an eye opener.

But also totally understandable. I know we’re all human and operate in essentially the same way.

This is what I have learned in all my years of working with coaching clients, one on one or in groups.

It is NEVER really time, money or technology that stops people moving forwards with their business.

It is ourselves.

We know this.

But the irony is that ‘we’ still get in the way of our own greater success.

I do it too. How about you?

If this is you, and you really want to grow your business, get more clients and make more money then I seriously suggest you commit to three 90 minute coaching sessions WITH YOURSELF and ask yourself what is the real reason behind the excuses you give yourself and others that ‘hold you back’ from moving forwards NOW!

Provocative, I know.

But I wouldn’t be a great coach without it.


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