Desktop Timer

TeamWorkPM for Desktop


The new, powerful, simple to use Teamwork Timer App. With task import and integration with Teamwork Project Manager.

Download the latest version of the Teamwork Project Manager Timer App  for Windows, Mac and Linux

Get the latest version of the app for Windows, Mac and Linux from the Downloads page

Simplicity. Easy and fast to use

Choose from Full View or Compact View

We built the app with everyday use in mind. Have it open all the time in full view or switch to a more discreet compact view

Import your upcoming Teamwork tasks

Easily import all your upcoming tasks from Teamwork as timers and work on what’s due next

Smart. Intelligent options

Auto-pause your timer if you forget

If you step away from your desk and forgot to pause the timer, don’t worry! You can have the app pause your timer when the computer is idle and resume it when you get back to working.

Remembers your last selected options

Did you log your last time log as billable? We’ll remember that next time! Did you choose to reset the timer but keep it open so you can log more time later? We’ll remember that too…

Any Desktop. Windows, Mac and Linux

Multi-platform using Adobe AIR

Using the power of Adobe AIR, the Teamwork Timer works on Windows, Mac and Linux as a native desktop application.

Auto-update so you stay up to date

As we add new features your app will stay up to date so you always have the latest version of the software.

Desktop Timer App Features

Simple to use but packed with features to help you stay productive.

  • Multiple Timers

    Have multiple timers set up and quickly switch between them

  • System Tray & Dock

    Runs in the system tray while you’re working (On Windows)

  • Auto-Pause

    Auto-Pause option for times you step away from your computer (Resumes when you start working again)

  • Full and Compact view

    Switch between the view that suits you! Compact view is perfect snuggled away on the top right of your screen

  • Always on top option

    Always see your timer! Especially good when in compact mode and you place the app at the top corner of your screen

  • Upcoming Task Import

    Easily import your upcoming tasks from Teamwork and create timers for each one

  • Starred Projects

    Choose to return your starred projects or all projects

  • Flexible time logging

    Log your time against a task or just a project

  • Intelligent options

    Option to reset timers and keep them open

  • Sort your timers

    Sort your timers by Project or Task

  • Auto-update

    Auto-Update functionality so you always have the latest version

  • Cross Platform

    Native desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux