Branded YouTube Channel

Branded YouTube Channel

There are people searching right now for your products and services, who will find your business more easily and ahead of your competition… just by your business having a few videos on YouTube, search engine optimised and linked back to your website,

Few businesses realise that YouTube is the worlds second biggest search engine and the worlds number 1 video distribution centre… and it’s available for free. So use it to promote your video message to the world- it’s crazy not to.

Keep your business branding, logo and colours with your own branded YouTube channel to present all your videos professionally and in alignment with your website design.

Aside from adding your graphics, colours and branding, we will also optimise your channel for it is easier for people to find you online via Google and the other search engines.

See below for a few examples of branded YouTube channels created by our team.


Branded Channel with SEO

  • Your logo, colours and branding
  • Search Engine Optimised channel
  • Professional presentation for your company
  • FREE Global video distribution
  • Custom graphics for brand awareness