Audio & Video ‘Done For You’

A recent survey I posted across a number of forums came up with some very interesting results.

I was researching the challenges that people have in creating audio and video content of any kind, for example, for creating their own products or for video marketing.

One of the biggest factors that came up was not having enough time.

It seems that many people have a basic knowledge and equipment to record a ‘live presentation’ of some kind on audio – this could be a Skype call, a training presentation or workshop for a small group of people, even a coaching or mentoring call…

The bottom line is that recording audio content is actually super easy, just by clipping a microphone to your clothes or wearing a headset, and then plugging that microphone into a recording device such as a digital voice recorder you can put in your pocket or a laptop with the free audio recording software programme ‘Audacity‘ (PC & MAC).

Just press record and your audio is created as you speak – nothing else to think about!

The next step is to take that audio and turn it into a range of products.

Watch this short video to see what I mean…

Audio & Video Done For You

All that aside, I am exploring the viability of an ‘Audio & Video Done For You’ service.

e.g. you provide an audio recording which I edit, add music to and turned into a downloadable MP3 product.

Or they are more options…

I could provide you with a finished CD product complete with artwork, a web sales page and a ‘ buy now’ button that you can send your clients to directly to order your products, which will then be delivered on autopilot.

You don’t have to do anything except provide the audio, tell me what you want on the CD cover and provide the product link for your clients to buy your products.

Or how about this….

I can take your audio and create a video from it, complete with pictures, slide show, animated graphics…. and provide you a transcription too.

This means that from one simple audio recording you can have

  • an e-book
  • an MP3 download
  • a CD
  • a screencast/slideshow video product or simple marketing video

These can all add income streams to your business and increase credibility as the expert in your field.

I can help you get those results by creating this audio and video material for you and I want to know what you want so I can meet your needs.

Please click here or on the image below and complete a short survey if this is something that interests you.


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