Product Creation: the First Simple (and Too Often Overlooked) Step

It can be really exciting to have a great idea about a new business, product or service you can provide to your clients or market, whatever niche you are in, especially if it’s something you think no one has done before and you have a feeling that it could be really successful.

You may have great enthusiasm for your new project and find yourself pouring all your time, energy, money and resources into something that seems like a surefire winner.

Hundreds of hours… thousands of dollars (millions – it has happened)… into something that you ‘just know’ is going to sell…

And you may be right!

You may well have hit upon a formula for a product or service in exactly the way to market wants and needs right now and it could lead to great rewards and opportunities, financial and otherwise.

However…you may be wrong!

There is one thing that most people, even experienced business folk, often overlook in their naiveté and enthusiasm about bringing a new product or service to market… and that is the simple principle of having a good solid plan based on market research.

Missing out this vital step could be a very costly mistake!

And one that can be easily avoided…

How can you confidently know what products and services to create?

How can you be sure that your time, money and energy will be invested wisely in something that your clients, commnity or the market in general will want to buy?

There is a super easy solution…

Possibly the Simplest Business Plan Ever

A wise & very wealthy man (Keith Cunningham – the ‘ Rich Dad’ in Robert Kiyosaki’s famous best seller) once told me his very simple 3 step business plan:

  1. Find out what they want
  2. Go and get it
  3. Give it to them

Incredibly simple. Incredibly effective.

I have not yet found a simpler business plan that is more guaranteed to bring you success at any level, in any market and in any economy.

So if you are someone who wants to expand your income opportunities but just doesn’t know where to start or what product or service to provide … there is an incredibly simple first step.


Simply ask your current clients, your future prospects or those in your community what they most need right now to answer their most burning questions and solve their biggest problems.

How do you do this?

The simplest solution is a survey, which can be done online, via e-mail, embedded in a website or pre-technology style – with a pen and paper!

The bottom line is that before you invest any time, energy, money or resources of any kind in any business venture at any level, do your research so that you can confidently go forwards knowing exactly what the market wants and then create your products and service to meet those exact needs.

Once you have identified a problem, you can then move towards providing a solution, which may be something as simple as a guidebook, video tutorial or audio training programme… which leads to the next step in the process.

How do you create your first simple product?

What is the next step after market research?

What simple audio or video equipment do you need, and how do you use it?

Well, the answers to those questions are here at SuperEasyAV…and on a series of Free videos I have created to help get you started.

This is also where I apply the principle I have just relayed to you – a simple survey.

Help me to help you grow your business with your very own audio and video products by telling me exactly what you want and need right now to get you to where you want to be.

In return for your time in completing this short survey I’ll send you 6 FREE Training Videos to get you started with audio & video today (plus a surprise Super Bonus for those who are quick!).

Click on this link to complete your survey.

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