Screencast Animation

Here are a few examples of our ‘Screencast Animations’ – engaging videos using text, images, music and special effects to deliver your message powerfully and effectively.


This short & simple video is a mixture of several engaging factors:
– the business owner speaking ‘live’ to camera
– animated images and text
– specially selected music
– a call to action at the end

It gives a brief overview of the business service, the benefits to ‘you’ and tells the viewer exactly what to do next.


‘Raw Food Party’

A high-energy, maximum fun video screencast captures the essence of the brand with some carefully chosen music to add vitality & vibrant energy for zany raw food chef Peter Pure & the ‘Raw Food Party’ mix!

‘Mission Impossible’: Video Marketing DFY

We made this after a burst of creative inspiration for our upcoming Video Marketing ‘Done For You‘ Service.

An entertaining, themed video with a laid-back, thought provoking intro section… leading to a dynamic, ‘action-packed’ & informative mid-section… & coming to a clear call to action at the end… all tightly weaved with the carefully chosen soundtrack.

This was great fun to create… & took a long time!

The ‘Life, Love & Intimacy’ Teleseries with Lisa Page

This video has a much softer feel than the one above… flowing & feminine…whilst keeping a good pace with some cool, funky music alongside smooth text animations & gentle slide transitions.

Your Screencast Animation Video

Each screencast animation video project is customised to your exact needs.

Please contact us for a quote.