Project Management

At SuperEasyNetBiz, we use TeamworkPM as our easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application.

TeamworkPM also has awesome Android & iPhone apps to manage projects on the fly.

This helps all project managers, staff and clients work together more productively online and of course via mobile apps on your smartphones and tablets to give you quick and easy mobile access to your projects when you are out of the office.

Access Anywhere

TeamworkPM is web based so your team and clients or contractors will be able to login from anywhere…

Stay on Track

•See the latest activity on your projects
•Star your most important project
•Quickly assign tasks to users
•Check and complete project milestones
•Read and reply to project messages
•Check off tasks when completed

Share & Collaborate

Share ideas, information, notes, files & more with your team & clients.

Work Faster

Helps your team stay focused, plan effectively & meet deadlines.

What we have on a Dashboard level

  • Pending Tasks & Milestones
  • Overdue Tasks & Milestones
  • All Milestones
  • Projects
  • Starred Projects
  • Status Updates
  • Latest Activity
  • Book marked task lists (NEW)

What we have on a project level

  • Latest Activity
    • Ability to jump to message, task list & task in app from Latest Activity
  • Tasks & Tasklists
    • Add Task list
    • Badges for Due/Late tasks per list
    • Current Tasks
    • Completed Tasks
    • Ability to view, add, edit and comment on a task
    • Ability to start a timer on a task
    • Ability to complete/uncomplete a task
    • Attach files (NEW)

  • Milestones
    • Add Milestones (NEW)
    • View milestones
    • Ability to edit, complete & uncomplete a milestone
  • Messages
    • Latest messages with comment count
    • Ability to create a message
    • View messages by category
    • View Message & Comments
    • Add a comment to a message (Reply)
    • Attach files (NEW)
  • View Project Online
  • Quick back to Dashboard link

Items coming soon:

  • Notebook viewing
  • Ability to comment on Milestones etc
  • Calendar events
  • etc


Once you have the TeamworkPM App you can get started right away and add as many Teamwork accounts as you like

  • For each account
    • Enter your Teamwork username and password
    • Enter your Teamwork URL

“What TeamworkPM does, it does very well so you should feel confident that you’ve found an application that can be used over the long haul. The site also seems very open to customer feature requests and more importantly, actually acting on these requests, very refreshing.”

Teamwork PM5 out of 5 (wow!) Appvita