SuperEasy Success: International Coach Lisa Page Grows Business & Profits with Audio & Video

Lisa Page is a successful international coach, speaker and workshop facilitator who coaches women around the world on ‘Life, Love and Intimacy’ through her ‘Soul Satisfaction for Women’ programmes.

Three of years ago Lisa and I met at a coaching event I was producing in London, UK and we had our first conversation about recording audio. She wanted to learn how to record her voice for simple meditation audios for a small number of clients.

Armed with just a standard laptop, a pocket voice recorder and a headset, she started creating her first recordings and learned simple audio editing principles to create her first ‘ready to sell’ audio products.

Over the next few months she explored the possibilities and profitability of telephone coaching through Skype, recording coaching calls for her clients reference and to listen back and refine her coaching skills…

But she knew that was so much more was possible with audio, video and the internet. She wanted to reach more women, grow her business and make more money


In mid 2009 Lisa got the confidence to start group telephone coaching, running international teleseminars for women using a professional all in one teleseminar system (the same one I use for my teleseminars – highly recommended).

These teleseminars, marketed by word of mouth, recommendation and through a basic blog, brought her wave after wave of new clients who loved her coaching sessions and wanted more!

This prompted Lisa to get more guidance on audio, video and internet business, and through another set of coaching sessions, she developed some audio products, a video for her Facebook page and a 3 part video series as a free gift for those who signed up for her email list and teleseminar series.

Lisa has been recording, editing and uploading all her own audio & video content (see below), but she is getting so busy with clients that she will be handing some of those tasks over to ‘AV-DFY‘ – our new ‘Audio & Video – Done For You‘ service.

Here is a list of some of Lisa’s achievements with audio & video:

  • a massive increase in clients worldwide through teleseminars
  • video marketing for her teleseminars and coaching programmes
  • affiliate training videos to demonstrate how to make money by selling her products & services for commision
  • 3 part video series (shot with a Kodak Zi8 video camera) as FREE gift for those who opt in to her mailing list
  • 7 weekSoul Satisfaction for Women’ audio programme (audio recorded via the teleseminar system)
  • a relaxation audio product (recorded and edited at home with Audacity)
  • Breathe Baby Breathe‘ – a downloadable audio product (recorded from a one-off paid call with a small group)
  •  ‘7 Feminine Gifts: audio (recorded and edited at home with Audacity) together with ebook & workbook
  • spontaneous voice recorded blog posts (Lisa takes her voice recorder everywhere!): free RSS audio content (podcasts)
  • welcome video for FaceBook (shot with a Kodak Zi8 video camera)
  • YouTube video channel
  • video footage from her ‘Soul Satisfaction for Women’ workshops (shot with a Flip video camera)
  • video testimonials from her ‘Soul Satisfaction for Women’ workshops (shot with a Flip video camera)
  • recorded 1-2-1 & group coaching sessions: with client permission, audio clips of Lisa’s voice used for edited audio tips
  • library of free resources of audio, video & articles to suit all learning styles and for the convenience of her clients

Lisa has been working with ‘SuperEasyAV’ for the past three years, using a combination of 1-2-1 coaching sessions and ‘SuperEasyAV’ training to use <strong>audio &amp; video</strong> more and more successfully and profitably, month by month, in her growing coaching business.

The coaching sessions with me were to get clear on what she wanted to create in her business and how we can make it happen, and as with most people, the focus was more on psychology than technology – the psychology of belief in discovering just how easy it is to use audio &amp; video herself to grow her coaching business.

A New Venture Into Video Marketing

Our ‘Video Marketing – Done For You‘ service has just completed this video for Lisa’s upcoming  ‘Life, Love and Intimacy’ teleseminar series.

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