Audio Information Products

Creating information products can take up a lot of your time… unless they’re Audio Information Products…

Audio is the quickest, easiest and most effortless way to produce a product…SuperEasy in fact.

Simply press record… just talk… and press stop! It couldn’t be easier!

No need to type anything…well…except for the file name.

No need to even sit at a computer. You can easily record…

* Interviews
* Reports
* Presentations
* Workshops
* Coaching and Consulting sessions
* Training
* and much more…

…all using a digital voice recorder, or even a recording application in your mobile phone or media player, which means you can create high profit audio products anywhere, anytime.

It’s without a doubt the easiest way to build a collection of high value content you can sell packaged and repurposed in many different ways.

Audio products take way less time to create then typing out a text product, an ebook for example, and it’s much easier to capture and create verbal material than written material.

Audio is the ideal way to get your message out and connect with those who want your information, by using your voice just as you would talking face to face.

It builds relationships…and it’s way more fun than typing!!!

Audio is the most portable, convenient format, easiest to access and learn from at any time, which also means it’s the most accessible for your clients and market – no screen to look at or words to read, so anyone can listen while they shop, drive, walk in the park, sit on the bus…or in the bath…

And of course audio can be combined with text products for greater learning – workbooks, manuals, training material…

And you don’t have to type these out either! You can dictate them using dictation software (one of the greatest discoveries Iever made!).

Just talk, and your computer types it all out for you.

There is now an incredible growth in audio downloads, and the market is going to explode.

Audio is the fastest growing market for information products.

Audio is the most portable and most convenient form of information product.

35% of people prefer to learn by listening to audio…that’s 1/3 of the entire market!

Audio products have very high perceived value, which means you can sell them for around three times the price of text products… FOR THE SAME INFORMATION!!

I know. It’s still astounding to me!

The bottom line here is that if you’re lloking for the easiest way to create content, audio is the way to go.

Get yourself a digital voice recorder or a recording app for your phone and you’re all set…

“When we first started developing a series of audio products for our business I knew very little about how to record high grade audio productions, however after reading Mo’s ebooks on audio recording, editing and audio product creation, it saved me so much time, money and pain in understanding the fundamentals and advanced concepts of audio recording and digital products editing from a true pro.

What’s more is having spent many years working in the audio/production field Mo was able to share important and inexpensive or free tweaks and tools that made a massive difference in allowing anyone be able to quickly and effortlessly make their own high grade audio productions.

As a result of what I learnt we have been able to produce several audio products at a fraction of the cost and time that it would of taken to have a professional recording engineer develop our programs.

Thanks again Mo, your products provide massive value to savvy entrepreneurs everywhere”

Tom O’Connor, London, UK


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