Why Audio Is the Perfect Product

And Why Not Selling Audio Products Will Cost You Big Money

  • Audio is the easiest and quickest to produce…press record…just talk…press stop!
  • No need to type
  • No need to even sit at a computer: Record Interviews…Reports….Seminars…
  • 90% less product creation time than typing
  • Create high profit Audio products anywhere, anytime using a Digital Voice Recorder
  • It’s much easier to capture and create verbal material than written material
  • The ideal way to get your message out and connect with those who want your information, by using your voice
  • It builds relationships
  • …and it’s way more fun than typing!!!
  • Nearly everyone has an iPod, mp3 players, a cell phone/audio player
  • Audio is the most portable, convenient format, easiest to access and learn from at any time. Combine with text products for greater learning
  • There is now an incredible growth in audio downloads, and the market is going to explode
  • Audio is the fastest growing market for information products
  • Audio is the most portable and most convenient form of information product
  • 35% of people prefer to learn by listening to audio…that’s 1/3 of the entire market!
  • Audio products have very high perceived value
  • Audio products sell for three times the price of text products…FOR THE SAME INFORMATION!!


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