Skype Recording Product

Lots of people ask me about recording Skype calls, for

  • interviews
  • coaching
  • mastermind groups
  • mentoring
  • training
  • affiliate calls
  • many other uses…

There are two products I recommend that make recording Skype calls ‘Super Easy‘: Prettymay & Pamela

They both offer a wide range of features and can trial each product for free.

I chose ‘Prettymay‘ because at the time I researched both programmes it had some features that ‘Pamela‘ did not.

The latest version of ‘Pamela is now ahead of Prettymay with the ability to record video calls.

Click on the links to compare.



I’m creating my own on screen video tutorial product to answer all the questions I get about recording, editing and creating finished audio products from Skype calls.

I’m planning the content and want to include all common problems and questions about recording skype calls and editing audio, so to help me out and make sure it’s complete, please type your qustion into the survey below.

Thank you.




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