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How A Talking Website Can Instantly Increase Your Profits

Why is Website Audio So Powerful?

While you’re listening to this audio book and reading the content, your engaging with it through a combination of senses: sight, sound…and emotion….because you’re listening to a voice. Just listening to a human voice means you will automatically have an emotional response.

When we hear another person’s voice we immediately make a connection and begin to build up an image of that person. We begin to decide if we trust them, just because of how they sound.

You know this is true, because we all do this all the time on the telephone. We instantly, and unconsciously, start making decisions about that person based on the way they communicate. We decide whether we would like to work with them, or if we want to get to know them better or not.

Website audio allows you to connect with your website visitors without you being there, and immediately begins to build the relationship between you and the listener. The more you are able to connect with website visitors through using your voice, the more they, in return, connect with you and begin to trust you as a person.

This enables your website visitor to make the decision that they want to do business with you.

Using audio on your website instantly connects with your website visitors – your potential clients – and builds…

  • Trust
  • Credibility
  • Rapport

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Here is Daniel Wagner who I recorded at one of my seminar presentations in London, talking about his great success using audio on his website.

Press play now to listen to Daniels’ Simple Success Story…

All Daniel did was add audio to his website, and as you can hear he got an amazing response!

  • One third more people…
  • One third more in actual sales…
  • Double the income

Just by using audio!!!

Press play now to listen to a sound bite from an interview I did with Rick Raddatz, one of the Worlds leading authorities on audio marketing. Rick tells you how you too can easily add 30% plus to your income instantly just by adding audio…

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