Amazon S3 is like a big hard drive in cyberspace where you can store all your online video content for very low cost (maybe a dollar or 2 a month to start with) and have it playback smoothly to anywhere in the world.

Your online videos will need a video player of some kind which you can add to your websites and blogs.

In this video you’ll see how easy it is to use this media player system with Amazon S3 to put video on your webpage in 3 simple steps:-

* Step 1 – upload your media to your own Amazon S3 account
* Step 2 – create your a player with eZs3’s great player features
* Step 3 – paste the embed code and your video is on your webpage

And that’s it!

I use this supereasy system for all my video players on all my websites.

Here’s what you get!

# Easy to upload your media to your Amazon S3 hosting account
# Easy file management
# Easy to create Image Galleries (unlimited)
# Easy to create Audio and Video media players (unlimited)
# Audio player option includes clickable images (includes click-through tracking)
# Video player option includes clickable images (includes click-through tracking)
# Easy to create audio juke-boxes
# Easy to create video juke-boxes
# Jukeboxes have clickable images (includes click-through tracking)
# Easily and instantly edit and update players across all sites
# Simple to paste embed code
# Simple code for your online advertising partners
# Simple code for your affilates
# Easily embed video and audio onto eBay auctions and eBay classified ads
# Comprehensive stats
# Click-through tracking
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