Seminar Audio & Video: How To Run A Great Live Event

Have you ever been to a live event…. say a seminar, a workshop or a presentation of some kind…and it goes something like this?

‘Please welcome to the stage our guest speaker… I just know you’re going to love all he has to say and to show you in his videos and presentation… all the way from the US of A…. Mr Steve Smith…’

…and Steve runs up on stage… with a great big smile on his face…to the sound of a howling sound system… music that jumps in way too loud… …and an intro video that starts… stops… and then disappears off the screen altogether…

…leaving the deafened audience staring at a blank screen and a grimacing guest speaker tapping his silent microphone shouting ‘Can you hear me? Testing… testing…’

Now I know you don’t want any of the above to happen at your event… And I also know how daunting it can be to even think about all that could be involved in running an event, especially when it comes to sound systems, microphones, screens, projectors, cameras, powerpoint…

I’m going to take all the stress away and tell you EVERYTHING you need to know in the programme I will be releasing very soon. A programme I’m really excited about creating, taken from my experience of attending dozens of events worldwide…and more importantly, a programme created from the thousands of hours of exeperience I have had producing well over 150 events over the past six years worldwide, from small, intimate events with no more than 12 people through to mega-venue productions of 5,000+ people…


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