SuperEasy Video

Super Easy Video

Here’s something funny! And you’ve probably spotted it already…

This ‘SuperEasyVideo‘ page…has no video!

The original video for this product is out of date (and needed re-doing anyway)…so I’ve taken it down for a few days while we reshoot it…

In the meantime, this is what you need to know…

VIDEO is the one thing….

  • which could make the biggest difference to your biz overnight
  • that will get you more traffic, increase sales conversions and actually make the sales process easier and more successful for both you and your customers (than any other method, system or strategy)
  • that you most probably already know is incredibly powerful, effective and ultimately essential to your ongoing online success…
  • you need to master right now… that many of your competitors are investing more time and money in than ever before… and that ironically even more businesses are still either waiting to do or paying way too much for…

SuperEasy Video‘ shows you exactly how to make your own videos for

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Your websites and blogs
  • Your Products and Services
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Testimonials
  • Viral Videos
  • …and so much more…

The basic principles for all these video types are the same, and once you master the basics (in an hour or two maximum) you’ll be on a roll…

What’s In The ‘SuperEasy Video‘ Product

In this course you going to learn to how to create video, produce it and get it on to YouTube, Facebook and your website

Every aspect will be covered in super easy to follow steps in this course….

The right software tools…how to upload it onto the internet…we’ll even show you how to create different players so that it can come in different sizes.

All those details and many more are included in this course,  and I’ll show you only what you need to knowstepbystep.

  • The 3 stages of video creation: breaks it down into bite size chunks
  • Planning your video with the Super Easy Formula
  • Equipment: Super Easy Video tools (simple and low cost)
  • Video shoot set up: choosing a location for light and sound
  • Test shots, to make sure your sound and picture quality are good to go
  • Simple rules for being comfortable on camera
  • Managing your video projects: how to save your files for easy access
  • Which video editing software to use: tested and selected for complete beginners
  • Fast and easy video editing: removing mistakes and gaps, leaving only what you want
  • Titles and credits to add information and guidance with on screen text
  • Add slides, fotos and images to give your video extra visual dimensions
  • Add music at the start and end, with fade ins and fade outs
  • Add your logo or graphics to brand videos for your business or community
  • Using basic video effects
  • Saving your video and uploading to the internet
  • How to set up your own YouTube channel and basic customisation
  • How to make videos in half the time or less by using video templates

This ‘SuperEasy Video‘ product has been created with efficiency and simplicity in mind, which means I have included only what you need to know to get a result in the simplest fastest way possible.

This so you can produce short simple videos in literally 15 to 30 mins from start to finish…

Once you have mastered that simple process you can then move on to creating your own video products and online video content as the basic principles are the same

Any good product is going to have support and with ‘SuperEasy Video‘ you get my full ”SuperEasySupport‘ for any questions or problems you may have.

Bear in mind that with these video creation strategies you can create fresh video content for video blog posts, FB, YouTube and any of your websites in as little as 15 minutes a day…and simple regular video content (just like article content) increases your visibility online and helps get you traffic, establishes you as an authority and increases your sales and conversions way more than any other method

A short, simple video giving a clear description of the benefits of your product or service is pretty much guaranteed to increase sales and conversions for any business, product or service.

Discover how suprisingly easy it is to make a short video for YouTube, Facebook, your blog or your website in as little as 15 minutes… to promote your business, products and services worldwide on countless free video channels.


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