Super Easy Strategy: Turn Text into Audio And Make More Money

There is a really ‘super easy’ way to turn any text based content into a format that

  • sells for more than written products
  • can be easily sold & distributed online
  • is the most portable format for most people
  • is the most easily accessible in all situations
  • adds value to any other products you already sell
  • will increase your overall profit considerably

What we are talking about here is a way to ‘leverage’ content that you already have in written format, and can easily turn into an audio product just by reading it out loud

This will bring all the benefits listed above to both you and your customers.

Any kind of written or text based products can be reformatted in this way.

  • ebooks
  • blog posts
  • articles
  • special reports
  • magazine columns
  • published books
  • any other written material…

You’ll need a headset or microphone of some kind, like the one you might have for Skype calls…and some simple audio recording software (available FREE for PC or Mac).

Take a look below at what happened when Master Coach Carly Anderson recorded her ebook, created an audio product and sold a package with the same material in both audio and text formats.


“Hi, I’m Carly Anderson, Master Certified Coach and author of a reference guide on how to lead effective and engaging teleclasses and teleseminars. Originally I created this reference guide as a written document only, and was doing okay with sales.

After doing some research, I realized the impact of using audio as part of the product, as hearing the voice of the author gives people a sense of who you are and where you’re coming from, and the material comes to life. I also love that with audio you can relate stories that help people to experience the material at a deeper level.

By changing my ‘Teleseminar Leading Secrets’ reference guide into an audio plus written product, sales increased by over 450% within the first 3 months.”

Carly Anderson
Master Certified Coach


So What’s Next For You?

Well, if you see the value in recording your text products in audio format (or maybe the real cost in NOT doing this!), then one way forward is with my ‘Vintage’ series of ebooks on audio recording, editing and product creation.

Click on the image below to find out more.


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