Royalty Free Music for your Hypnosis, Meditation & Relaxation Products

It can be quite a challenge to find good music that you can legally use for any kind of media production:

  • video music ‘beds’ (music to use  under a voiceover) or backing tracks
  • soothing, calm music for slideshows and screencast presentations
  • music for audio recordings: hypnosis, relaxation and meditation CDs or mp3s

Thought Sounds is a large collection of soothing, high quality, royalty-free soundtracks designed from the ground up to be used with brainwave entrainment, hypnosis and relaxation.

Perfect for Hypnosis, Therapy and Meditation

It is rare to find soundtracks that can be used effectively for therapy and hypnosis. As any experienced hypnotherapist will tell you, backgrounds need to be both slow in tempo and consistent throughout the entire session. If they are too distracting, the impact of the hypnosis script and any other elements will be severely diminished. A soundtrack ideally suited for therapy is incredibly hard to accomplish without creating a boring, overly repetitive composition. As a result, therapists can spend years building up a collection of acceptable compositions that only a handful of clients actually enjoy.

Here is an overview of what is included:

70 soothing and thought-provoking soundtracks

  • Warm, soothing ambience
  • Ethnic inspired soundtracks (Indian, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc)
  • Weightlessness, Floating, Outer Space soundtracks
  • Spiritual (choir, meditation, shamanic)
  • “Primordial” Sounds
  • Nature (rain, forest, etc) combined with ambient sound
  • Unique Musical Tracks

66 soundtrack variations

In addition to the 70 main soundtracks, we have also included 66 variations. Variations are based on the main 70 soundtracks, but use different arrangements, instruments and techniques. This gives you more flexibility and many additional options. You could, for example, have a single soundtrack as a main theme for your audio production, and use the variations to set a different mood or add variety.

Here is a short sample of 12 of the tracks


Right click and ‘Save As’ to download

Free copy of Perfect Loop 1.0 software

Perfect Loop is a simple, easy to use application designed to work with Thought Sounds soundtracks. Its main function is to allow you to expand a soundtrack to any length you require. It also allows you to add fades, Volume and other effects to the soundtrack.

Collection Features:

  • Designed to act as effective carriers for brainwave entrainment
  • 100% Royalty Free! – Use Thought Sounds with your clients or in your commercial projects
  • All soundtracks are at a relaxing 40 bpm, perfect for relaxation, meditation, trance, etc
  • Tested to loop seamlessly with the default settings of our software
  • All soundtracks are in production quality (320 kbps) mp3 format
  • Affordable, even for personal users.

By themselves, even without added scripts, effects, or entrainment, these Thought Sounds soundtracks are profoundly relaxing. Brilliantly composed, they are also fascinating and innovative musical pieces, adding a new dimension to any audio/visual experience.

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