The Hidden Cost Of Audio & Video…

What does it really cost to make the most of audio & video?

A headset or microphone? $20 maybe…

A Digital Voice Recorder? Around $30-50

Editing software – free

The time it takes to learn to edit your audio or video…add music…text…a few pictures…?

Say an hour….or maybe two….max…

I know. In your busy life with your budget it could be a stretch.

You’re probably thinking about all the reasons why you shouldn’t do it…

All that mind chatter.

Maybe it’s not worth it!

The Real Cost Is…

…What You’re Really Missing Out On!

Not making the difference in the world you could by delivering your messag through as many mans a s possible

Not leveraging your skills and exposure through products and the internet to touch more lives and help more people

Not selling audio & video products when you know how much more valuable and profitable it can be – selling for at least 2-3 times as much as ebooks.

Not catering for the 3/4 of the market who prefer to listen or watch a video than to read, and will pay more for their preferred products

Not adding audio & video to your web site when you know how effective it can be, connecting with your website visitors and building a relationship when you’re not even there..

Not using a proven technique to increase your website sales instantly by at least 30% for very little effort and investment. You can have that now. Today!

Not getting that extra 30% of sales over and over again, because your web site has no audio & video. How much will that cost you? Today? This week? Over a year…?

Not using this incredibly influential and simple technology to build trust, and greater relationships with your clients and future clients, which means they’ll invest in you over and over again…

Not letting your new web site visitors know what your happy and satisfied customers think of your great product or service through audio & video testimonials. Genuine customer testimonials bring you business and make you money.

Not taking action today when you know you are losing money right now and will continue to every day

Not stepping up and serving the world

It’s your choice…

Get Ahead Of The Competition Take Action NOW!

  • There are endless opportunities for audio & video product development & creative AV marketing.
  • Your media goldmine is your ever growing collection of audio recordings and video clips that can be turned into high profit products.
  • Royalty Free Music: set the mood, pace & energy for your audio message
  • Get your audio & video transcribed into ebooks and workbooks to expand your product range and maximise on profits even more…


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