Mobile Web

If You’re in Business, You Need a Website…and…

…it used to be that simple.

But now there is a new essential requirement… which if you don’t put in place, you’ll miss out on business in a big way!

People use mobile devices & mobile search more & more everyday, especially for local business: shopping, eating out, services & entertainment, to make quick decisions about where to spend their time & money next – and that usually means within the next hour or two.

Businesses with ‘mobile-friendly‘ websites make it super easy for any mobile consumer to

  • read important information
  • find out about products or services
  • easily call or contact the business
  • find the business locations

Businesses with ‘mobile-friendly‘ websites get more customers & make more money!

This Google video clearly makes this point when talking about using Google Ads for local business



So, if someone looks up your website on a smartphone or mobile tablet, what will they see?

A selection of large clear buttons & tabs clickable with a thumb while on the move…?

Or a clunky, slow & frustrating site, with text too small to read & inks too small to click?

One will get you customer satisfaction & most probably a phone call, email or in person visit, if you make it easy to find you with a built in map link & GPS directions.

The other will instantly get your potential customer to look elsewhere for a faster, easier, more user friendly solution… which means you may lose a sale… or worse… a lifetime of sales from that customer going to your competitors… & your website’s poor service being shared via social media.

That’s the way it is these days and we all know it!

What’s The Solution?

Your website must be fast loading, easily readable & user friendly on a wide range of mobile devices – from iPads & Blackberry’s to Android, Windows Mobile phones & iPhones…

A mobile friendly site that loads in less than five seconds, is easy to read & that mobile consumers can get round quickly with big, easy touch links & buttons will help both your business & your customers… & get you more sales – it’s as simple as that.

If you’re not sure how your website performs across a wide range of mobile devices we can test it out for you – free of charge.

Click here for your free ‘Website Mobile Performance Report’

  • No Charge
  • No Obligation
  • No Brainer!
Really! It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

Your Mobile Optimised Website:

No more frustrated website visitors trying to pinch & zoom round your website on a small screen, or lost sales due to your unusable desktop website on a smartphone…

Our Mobile Web Solutions
  • Easily viewable on iPhones, AndroidBlackberry, Windows Mobile or any mobile device
  • Supereasy to navigate with large tabs & vertical drop down content
  • Front page ‘Click to Call’ button dials your selected phone line for bookings & enquiries
  • ‘Click to Call’ button can be added to any page for instant enquiries
  • GPS locator gives directions, map & route, & guides clients direct to your front door
  • Built in ‘Coupons’ with expiry date encourages repeat business & develops client loyalty
  • Contact form collects client details & enquiries & connects to your chosen email address
  • Easy to update yourself with new content, text & pictures – no extra charge
  • Integrate YouTube video which increases Google visibility & your professional brand

Want to ‘Go Mobile’? Click here to find out more…