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There is no doubt – Webinars are all the rage these days.

The big players in the marketing industry are RAVING about them and for one important reason: they add hundreds – even thousands! – of extra dollars to your bottom line.

In just a moment, I’m going to let you in on the big secret of ringing in sales, so fast, it almost feels unfair. Without the expensive price tag or huge learning curve that’s normally attached to webinar tools.

The BIG Headaches With


If they are so profitable, Why don’t more people use them?

dollarYou have to pay expensive monthly fees that drain your bank account and you are not even sure if you will even HAVE something new to present each month…

You have to Cap your attendance numbers and force you to pay extra for more people, stopping you from selling to a large audience and handicaps your success.

Up until now, You can’t even use basic marketing tactics (i.e. social sharing buttons) to pump up your attendance and increase your sales.

Talk about paying for a bad headache!

There Has to Be a Better Way to Enjoy the Bigger Paychecks That Webinars Bring, WITHOUT the Hassles!

Frustrated with the current systems (and annoyed at how much money was flying out the window every month to use them!), I knew there had to be a better way.That’s when I bumped into the latest craze sweeping the marketing world: Google Hangouts.If you haven’t already heard, Google and YouTube have combined forces to create a powerful video interaction system





It delivers high quality video (much better than Skype!)


You can instantly connect with your audience.


It allows you to deliver superior customer service for better customer relations and long-term success in your business.

Excited at the prospect of using this system, I was quickly let down when I realized that Google Hangouts really wasn’t optimized for Webinars.

There was no easy way to collect registrations. (MASSIVE Let Down) You can’t set up reminder, follow-up and broadcast email sequences.

Heck, the thing can’t even connect to an autoresponder account to collect opt-ins for your mailing list!

But I just couldn’t let the idea go. See, this system was just too powerful to let slide.


  • Running webinars WITHOUT the expensive monthly fees.
  • Using a high quality system, like Google Hangouts, that allows you to instantly connect with your audience.
  • Allowing an UNLIMITED amount of attendees for more sales and bigger profits… without any extra costs!
  • PLUS – Your presentations and Hangouts will be instantly available as ‘Evergreen’ replays with no complicated setup!

Letting the idea stay a fantasy just wasn’t an option. I mean, this system is just TOO good to let slide. Combining the forces of Google Hangouts and webinars will led to MEGA success.

The software developer side of me just couldn’t take it – something had to be done.

And instead of imagining what such a software can do, I’m living it. And now so can you!


Your All-in-One Solution for

Hassle Free Webinars,

Growing Your Customer Base and
Increasing Your Bottomline.

Hangout Plugin is specifically designed to combat what other systems CAN’T do and exploit the power of the Google Hangouts system.

You won’t ever have to suffer at the mercy of those expensive webinar bills, or let their lack-luster systems hold you back from reaching your full potential – paying for extra attendees?? That’s just NUTS!

Here’s how Hangout Plugin will benefit you…

  • Set-up is a breeze! In just a couple of clicks, you will have your webinar set-up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes!
  • Easily collect registrations and opt-ins! With an integrated lead capture system, you can grow your mailing list bigger and better than ever.
  • No headaches or hassles! Convenient all-in-one solution allows you to send reminders, follow-ups and broadcast emails from a single dashboard.
  • Run an UNLIMITED amount of webinars with any number of attendees with NO extra fees!
  • Instantly Have your ‘Evergreen’ webinar replays available online
  • Connect with your prospects for increased customer relations and big time success. Easily chat and share your screen with all your webinar attendees.
  • Run Webinars directly on your own site and build your brand and give your reputation a huge boost!

Hangout Plugin is a Premium Webinar Tool
Without the Expensive Price Tag!

“Alright Walt, how much?”

With other premium webinar tools charging AT LEAST $97/month (plus additional fees for more services), you’d expect to pay a fortune for Hangout Plugin, right?


Not only will you avoid getting tied up in an expensive monthly payment…

When You Buy Hangout Plugin TODAY, you will also receive these must have BONUSES completely free!

  • The Definitive Guide To Hangouts $39 value
  • Inbuilt Registration (Squeeze Page) Designer $97 value
  • A dedicated training system showing you how you can OPTIMISE Your Hangouts, and get them RANKING for your key phrases even after you have done them
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