Audio & Video Done For You

Make More Money Through Your ‘Live’ Presentations Every Single Time:
On Stage, Online, On Skype
Or Even On The Phone!

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Business Clubs
  • Teleseminars
  • Telesummits
  • Webinars
  • Online Broadcasts
  • Speeches
  • Keynotes
  • Interviews
  • Group Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Any Other ‘LivePresentation


Is This You?

Speaking or Presenting to any audience… on a big stage, a conference phone line, at a business presentation or in a hotel meeting room… whether it’s
5, 500,
or 5000 people… the principles & opportunities are exactly the same.

Presenting = Products = Profit

Are You Missing Out?

Does This Sound Familiar?


“I loved your workshop… Do you have a CD I can buy?”

“Great presentation & information.
Where can I get your training programme?”

“Do you have a workbook with your questions & exercises?”

“Can I get the recording on your website?”

“I want more… Where can I buy your products?”


How Many Times Have You Heard These Questions?

…and how long have you ignored them?
…and the income, exposure & credibility
your own profitable products will bring you?


“Leverage is doing more with less.
Doing it smarter, not harder.”

Keith J. Cunningham

SuperEasy Product Example

Audio From Your Laptop, Voice Recorder, Cell Phone Or Video Camera… Prepared, Processed & Professionally Packaged: ‘Ready To Sell’


If you’re in the business of speaking or presenting ‘live‘ in any way, or have information, education or inspiration that can be captured & recorded on audio when you talk, then you probably also realise the massive profit potential of having your own products… but just don’t know where to start, what to do or how to get that polished, packaged, professional result.


You want to make the most of all your opportunities everytime you speak ‘live’ – to deliver great content & capture that content to leverage through your own product range.

You want to help as many people as possible, those in front of you ‘in the room’ (or on your teleseminars, webinars & calls) & also help those around the world who cannot be with you ‘live’.

You simply want to do what you do best, with passion & purpose…& profit. without having to think about how to leverage your time, energy & resources to

  • Help More People
  • Reach A Wider Audience
  • Have A Greater Impact
  • Make More Money
  • Make A Bigger Difference In The World

YOU Can Do All Of This Through Products…

WE Create Those Products For You ‘Ready To Sell’

So What Does It Take?

It’s quite a process to create products at the standard you deserve.
Here is an example summary of the CD creation process…
(we’ve kept it short to spare you all the details…)

  • Download audio software
  • Install & set up on your PC
  • Learn about audio editing
  • Edit your own recordings
  • Find some good music
  • Add music & fades to your audio
  • Manage your audio projects
  • Work out audio formats
  • Save the different file types
  • Label & number CD tracks
  • Burn a finished CD
  • Research CD duplication
  • Think about packaging
  • Find out about graphics software
  • Learn all about CD cover design
  • Look for CD cover templates
  • Source great images & fonts
  • Design your own graphics

  • Add text layout alongside graphics
  • Work on your CD cover
  • Adjust & re-adjust image alignment
  • Keep going ’til it’s done
  • Look for ecover software
  • Buy it & learn how it works
  • Design ‘eye-catching’ product ecovers
  • See how they turn out
  • Make a whole load of changes…
  • Ensure consistency across your images
  • Review all your products before release
  • Work out how to upload
  • Add your payment buttons
  • Create a secure download page
  • Test the whole sequence
  • Iron out any problems
  • Relax when you finally get it all done
  • …take a holiday to relieve the stress!

Why Go Through All That Stress Trying To Work It All Out For Yourself… & Without Even Knowing For Sure That You’ll Get A Good Result?

What If There Was A Way To Have Your Product Range
Done For You‘… Produced, Packaged, Professionally Presented
& Delivered To You ‘Ready To Sell‘?

You Could Have All These Products ‘Ready To Sell’
Next Week
From Just One Audio Recording



  • Instant downloads for your customers media players
  • Streaming media players & playlists supplied for your
    webpages & online membership areas
  • Preloaded media players with your logo & branding
    (contact us for the latest options & prices)


‘eBooks’ (transcribed from your audio)

  • Your audio content formatted into free reports, ebooks, articles,
    blog posts, press releases, online publications
  • Training resources, workbooks, manuals & supporting material
    as part of your multi-media package or training programme
  • PDF ebooks: the ‘standard’ format online e-publication
  • Cool new ‘Flip Page’ Magazine type e-publication



  • Sell at the back of the room every time you speak ‘live
  • On your own webpage, delivered worldwide on auto pilot
  • As part of your multi-media package or training programme
    (we can do that for you too)
  • One Time‘ Price for your completed packaged CD Product.
    Profit in your pocket for every CD sold. No further costs.


Product Package Bonus

Your Products – Supplied Complete With Ecovers

  • Professional product presentation for effective marketing
  • Graphic visual representation of products increases sales
  • Raises your professional profile & credibility
  • Use for videos, webpages, slideshows, presentations, webcasts, workshops, seminars, live events


Simply Send Us Your Raw, Un-Edited Audio Recording…
& Leave The Rest To Us

The Easiest Way To Create Your ‘Info-Product’ Content

Just Talk!

Most people are in their greatest creative flow & are at their most expressive & dynamic when speaking about the subject they are most passionate about – you know this for yourself too.

The best presentations come through naturally with energy & enthusiasm in any kind of ‘live‘ interaction with an ‘audience’… whether on stage, in conversation, in presentations, on Skype, online or on the phone.

This is simply the best time to capture that passion and flow effortlessly, & a great opportunity not to be missed… simply by pressing record on a voice recorder, a computer or pocket video camera.

That’s it! Really…

Just press record & talk… & when you’re done, you’ll have all that information, education and inspiration captured on audio or video & ready to be edited into a number of ‘ready-to-sell‘ product formats.

What’s The Easiest Way To Start?

Recording audio content really is super easy…

Just clip a lapel microphone to your clothes (or wear a headset, just like on Skype), then plug that microphone into a simple recording device such as a digital voice recorder you can put in your pocket or a laptop with the free audio recording software programme ‘Audacity‘ (FREE for both PC & MAC).

Just press record & your audio is created as you speak – nothing else to think about!

The next step is to take that audio & turn it into a whole range of products.

You Do NOTHING! It Couldn’t Be Easier!

Audio & Video ‘Done For You’

It’s super simple.

You provide a ‘rawaudio recording or video clip which we then edit, audio process, add music to & turn into a ‘ready to sell’ product complete with ‘e-cover‘ (as examples above).

Your audio or video file can then be saved as a ‘web readyMP3 or MP4 product for download & for online media players.

We can also create a finished CD/DVD product complete with artwork, bar code, an online sales page with a ‘ buy now’ button to send your clients to buy your products… which will then be delivered worldwide on autopilot.

Your voice soundtrack can also be transcribed & formatted into an ebook, again complete with ‘e-cover‘ (as above) to add another product to your product range… & there’s more…

If you have a slideshow to go with your voice recording then send that too… & we’ll turn it into a video in sync with your voice.

If you have no slideshow we can create one for you, using content from your ebook & any photos, graphics & images you supply (or we can source those too!).

EXAMPLE: This means that from one simple audio recording you can have

  • A Formatted E-Book, Workbook, Manual Or Special Report
  • A Web Ready Mp3 For Download Or Streaming Media Player
  • A Packaged CD (With Graphics) For Sale & Delivery Worldwide
  • A Screencast/Slideshow Video Product complete with music

Add these income streams to your business & instantly increase your credibility as the expert in your field.

We can help you get those results now by creating ‘ready to sell‘ audio & video products for you.

You don’t have to do anything except provide the audio or video files, complete your details for the ‘e-covers’… & then direct your clients to buy your products.

Profit In Your Pocket… Every Single Time

Your Next Step

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