Audio Testimonials

Audio Testimonials

  • an incredibly powerful way to use website audio
  • captures the emotional expression which adds massively to the effectiveness
  • social proof that you get results
  • allows your clients to sell for you
  • adds credibility to your business
  • adding your customers name, city/country, picture and website URL gives the testimonials even more credibility

Toll Free Audio Testimonials for Your Business – FREE Trial

Jayne Harvey – NLP Master Practitioner

Naomi Sesay – Quantum Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

Tosin Ogunnusi – Coach and NLP Trainer



Ben Nash – Bells Beach, Jan Juc, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Tom O’

Jenny Black – Photographer. London UK

Ben Brophy – ‘Play Music’ Independent Dance Music. UK

Toll Free Audio Testimonials By Phone

If you would like to record an audio testimonial for me at any time about how SuperEasyAV has helped you and your business, then here is the number.

And do remember what it takes to get a great customer testimonial!

1) Please give your name, the city and country you’re from and your website or email address, if you’re happy to do this (adds credibility).

2) Please name my product or service, and say exactly how it has solved your problems (this is ‘before’ and ‘after’ evidence to show that SuperEasyAV has helped solve your problems).

3) Please say what the specific benefits of using my product or service been to you, and what difference it has made to your business and to your life (the direct benefits and results of investing time and money in SuperEasyAV).

My toll-free testimonial recording line is:

US callers may use 1-800-609-9006 x 7284

International callers may use 678-255-2174 x 7284


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