Audio Product Creation – What You Need

Low Cost, Easy To Use Audio Tools

Basic Equipment To Record At Home


I recommend using a microphone with a USB connector because the built in sound chip generally means better quality recording through the digital USB connection.

Minijack connectors go through the ‘standard’ computer sound card which can be noisy in some cases, but can also give good recording audio quality on some computers (mine sounds fine) – you’ll simply have to test for yourself.

Using a microphone with a deetachable USB adapter means more flexibility – you can to use either minijack or USB connectors depending on the circumstances.

Headset Microphone

The headset I use and recommend is the Sennheiser PC135 PC with a USB connection for high quality digital recording.

Sennheiser headsets have  some simple but really useful features that adds to user comfort, flexibility and quality of any audio recording.

This is why I use them:

  • this company makes professional studio recording microphones, so the quality is great
  • they have a noise cancelling microphone to reduce background sounds
  • the flexible microphone arm means easy positioning
  • they come with a minijack connector and USB adapter for use with all PC and MAC audio connections
  • they have a microphone on/off switch (very handy if you need to mute yourself on a call or a recording)
  • the headphones volume control makes it easy to adjust the level of playback for any audio you are listening to

Audio Toolkit Essential – The Digital Voice Recorder:

Take it everywhere. Record everything. Take opportunities… and get creative!

Here is a list of Important specifications to consider when choosing a Digital Voice Recorder:

  • High quality recording option (at least 64 kbps for mp3 and ideally a .wav option)
  • Long recording time (15 – 20 hrs at high quality: 64 kbps /1Gb)
  • Long battery time
  • USB connection to transfer your audio easily to your computer
  • a microphone input to connect a lapel mic. / tie-clip mic. direct into the recorder
  • Make sure it saves the audio in either MP3, WAV or WMA format

Lapel / Tie-clip Microphone

Audio Technica ATR35S – High-quality omnidirectional condenser microphone

Recommended Models:

Edirol R-05 WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Other Options

Olympus WS-600S and Olympus WS-710M

Audacity: FREE Audio Recording & Editing Software

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Editing Audio On Computer – Screenshot

For more on recording audio take a look at my “Easy Audio” ebook series.


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